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  Le bell Industrial Park is located in the beautiful and rich Chinese household electrical appliance manufacturing base - Zhongshan Huang Miao Dayan river! In 1997, "Le bell" brand comprehensive operation, after 20 years of baptism and sharpening, become China's high-end kitchen appliances outstanding representatives and intelligent invisible kitchen synonymous! The registered capital of the company is 10 million。 It has a complete range of gas exhauster, gas cooker, gas water heater, electric water heater, water purifier and disinfection cupboard, etc。 the legitimate production or operation of valid documents。   Le bell has a modern factory building and a number of automatic assembly line, with advanced laboratory and professional testing equipment。。。

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  • Oil smoke separation technology

  • Somatosensory control technique

  • Anti backfire Technology

  • Oxygen free copper technology

  • Dual control dual tune Technology

  • Aquamarine silicon technology

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      As domestic material standards continue to rise, the dishwasher is no longer a new and unfamiliar te...

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